Front Row Networks

Front Row Networks is a content creation company which produces, acquires and distributes live concerts in 3D for initial worldwide digital broadcast into digitally-enabled movie theaters. This new concept is intended to present live concerts in 3D, at lower ticket prices, to a massive fan base worldwide in a cost-effective manner.


Following the initial 3D theatrical run, the distribution rights to the concerts are licensed, in both 2D and 3D format, to DVD and Blu-Ray retailers, Free TV broadcasters, cable and emerging 3D cable channels, and mobile streaming providers. The licensing of the distribution rights to a concert is a primary source of revenue for the Company.


Front Row Networks will sell merchandising, such as clothing, music downloads, and other products, tailored to each Artist and to each Sponsor, in movie theaters where the live concert is exhibited.


By packaging new 3D concert theatrical events, with existing 2D and 3D catalogue, Front Row Networks intends to create an identity as the premiere brand in 3D theatrical events.


3-D Entertainment

From all corners of the globe, the appeal of 3D has become undeniable. From 2008 to 2010, Hollywood 3D releases jumped from 2 to 22, and more than 30 major 3D releases are expected in 2011. Last year, the extra revenue from the 22 3D movies offset a 5.2% attendance drop. Overseas, where 3D is wildly popular, the six major studios collected $12.7 billion in grosses, a 20% leaped compared to 2009. Business was good across the board for studio titles, but it was 3D fare that provided an extra kick. 3D is here to stay.


Front Row Networks Inc. is a content creation company that is producing live 3D concert productions which can be broadcast digitally directly into theaters across the world.